This course provides a thorough foundation in Playback Theatre. As well as basic skills and performance forms, students will be learning principles, applications, & the history & geography of Playback Theatre. In the rich atmosphere and dynamics of the Playback experience, there will be opportunities to try out the roles of conductor, musician as well as actor.

This course sets the foundation for our Certificate Course in Playback Theatre Practice. Once you have done Core Training, all other workshops are open to you.

Whether a newcomer or an experienced Playbacker, you are all welcome to come along to one of our Taster Evenings. An opportunity to get in touch, revive, indulge... your playfulness and have a taste of Playback Theatre.



with Belinda Sherlock & Veronica Needa

at Essex Church (Kensington unitarians) 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W8 4RT

An evening workshop introducing Playback Theatre to newcomers. This workshop is for anyone curious to experience Playback Theatre in an evening of playfulness as well as meaningful exchange. A chance to 'have a go' and learn about Playback Theatre in a safe and guided experience. 

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2019: Jul 3 - 7               THE CORE TRAINING

wednesday 6pm to sunday 1pm

with Alison Fairlove & Amanda Brown



Monday 6pm to Friday 1pm

Trainers to be confirmed soon…

TWO RESIDENTIAL 5-DAY TRAININGS at THE CLARET CENTRE, buckden towers, cambridgeshire PE19 5TA

Immerse yourself in Playback Theatre over 5 days and some evenings. We will make ourselves at home at comfy Buckden Towers. Arriving in time for evening supper, we will begin working together on the first evening, and then continue on the next three full days with an aim to offer a little performance event by our students to the community of Buckden on the afternoon of our fourth day - with time to reflect, and more to learn, on that evening and on the next morning before we all say goodbye after lunch.


£595 shared accommodation (4 nights) / deposit £200

£655 single accommodation (4 nights) / deposit £200

Scholarships are available for students and the low-waged.

We also offer this training course in other formats: for example a double weekend intensive, or a 4 or 5-day residential, or over a series of evenings. We are also open to designing a format which will accommodate your own particular needs and availabilities. So email us HERE to discuss this.

Exhilarating, transformative and empowering.