SPT UK co-hosts Conference on PERFORMANCE & CONFLICT at the University of Lincoln

Friday 21 & Saturday 22 September 2018


International conference organised by the University of Lincoln and School of Playback Theatre UK.

Principal organisers: Professor Ananda Breed (UoL) and Veronica Needa (SPT UK).

Event: Two-day conference based on the use of participatory art forms in conflict/post conflict settings to examine how participatory arts practices might be used to explore some of the nuanced forms of storytelling/performance in contexts when there are often public versus hidden narratives. How might forms be adapted? What new forms might emerge? How can performance contribute to the transformation of conflict?

Jonathan Fox to present Keynote and Professor Tim Prentki, Professor of Theatre for Development at the University of Winchester as Respondent.

Workshops will be facilitated by Hannah Fox, Jonathan Fox, Jo Salas and Dr Luis Campos Sotelo. Participatory film screenings will be chaired by Professor Paul Cooke, principal investigator of the AHRC Changing the Story project. 

Venues: The conference will take place over several venues which include The Blue Room, University of Lincoln and Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (LPAC).